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Whiter Teeth Laser Technology  


How does it work?

Whereas other whitening methods wear off after only a few months and never seem to show very dramatic results, DMC laser teeth whitening provides a safe and easy alternative that has been proven to last.

DMC laser teeth whitening is a simple and painless procedure that is performed by a specialized dentist who will start by isolating your gums and lips. He will then apply the hydrogen peroxide gel.

Afterward, the dentist will direct will direct the DMC laser equipment over the teeth. The light activates the gel which will cause the stains to weaken, allowing oxygen to whiten the enamel.

This whitening procedure takes approximately 45 min depending on the condition of the teeth.


Does it Hurt?

Some patients do experience sore gums and teeth due to the bleach that is applied to the teeth.

These symptoms usually subside a few hours after the procedure. Patients with more sensitive teeth do experience these discomforts more often than those without.


What are the results?

Typically, patients teeth become anywhere from six to twelve shades whiter, sometimes more. Results are quick and easy with dramatically whiter teeth after just one visit.

A singular visit is usually all it takes for teeth to show dramatic results. Whiter smiles can last for years, if patients take proper care (less smoking, coffee drinking etc…)





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