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Face-Lift and Neck-Lift (Rhytidectomy)


Face-lift and neck-lift procedures reposition and tighten skin that, through aging, has begun to sag. These surgical procedures give a youthful, rested appearance to the face.

The face-lift pulls up and back the forehead and cheek skin, and often the tissues beneath it. The neck-lift does the same for skin along the lower jawline or over the throat.


To hold the skin in its new position, strips of skin are cut away and the resultant opening is closed by drawing the edges together.

The strips are removed in locations that will not be apparent after healing. Both sides of the face are treated to keep a symmetrical appearance.


Face-lift and neck-lift procedures cannot eliminate all signs of aging. Other surgery such as eyelid- or forehead- lifts may also improve a patient's appearance. In addition, wrinkles may need to be treated separately through a skin-resurfacing procedure such as dermabrasion, chemical peeling, or laser treatment.

Although these procedures provide a more youthful appearance, the results usually decrease with time. Both genetic and environmental influences cause the face to show further signs of aging. Repeat treatments, or "mini-lifting," may occasionally be recommended.

NB: Lifting can done by (Aptos)  thread also.







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