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Do you always look tired and unhappy because of the way your eyes look? Blepharoplasty is a surgery for the eyelids which involves the removal of fat along with excess skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids.


The droopy appearance and puffy areas below the eyes will be gone, It can also be performed in conjunction with a face life or other facial plastic surgeries. People interested in blepharoplasty are usually over 35, but if you are interested in having this done earlier it is possible.


You must be physically and psychologically healthy and have realistic expectations of what your appearance will be after the procedure is finished and you have healed.

Once you have healed, your new youthful appearance will enhance your self-image and last for many years to come.




Having a forehead lift or “brow lift” can greatly improve the appearance of your face and make years disappear from the reflection in the mirror. Often performed alongside a face lift or in combination with eyelid surgery, a forehead lift restores drooping brows and reduces frown lines which can deepen over time and often present a perpetual illusion of anger or sadness.

You can lift the brow either by surgical or thread (Aptos) procedure. 

Most patients who opt for forehead lift are between 40 and 65, although patients of any age can benefit from the procedure. Some people with genetic characteristics that give them an appearance of frowning or sadness choose to have a brow lift to change that impression.




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